Dynamic... I like this a lot. I would play every track on my show”

— Dave White, CBC


If the multitude of indie rock artists across Canada lived in the same house, The Dark Fruits would be in the root cellar, simmering. Born long ago, they are a band that hid in that cellar for years... for years from exposure and from themselves. It would’ve been easy to just stay in the shadows and crust over, overripe in the darkness of the underground. Except this band has chosen to come out… to play… to share… to connect. And what indie rock fans can discover is a band that creates music that is marked by catchy, melodic songs that draw upon the nostalgia eras past, even as they twist toward new space and time. The Dark Fruits is a band that has been decades in the making. Deep beneath us. Hidden from the light of day. But that is starting to change. 

The band's sophomore album, "Warm Weather Starter Pack", is arriving this fall, 2023. It's a departure from the classic rock sounds of their debut, "Authors of Affection." This time around, they're offering up a more chilled-out, versatile sound that's perfect for winding down at home or setting the vibe at your next gathering. Lyrically and sonically intriguing, "Warm Weather Starter Pack" is a cohesive album and captivating journey.  

While their first album, "Authors of Affection", earned them a showcase opportunity at Breakout West 2019 and the Audience Choice Award at the Yukon Film Society/Music Yukon's 24-hour Music Video Challenge for their video "Stuck on You," their focus has evolved. Their new music delves into the themes of connection, separation, and the unique experiences of living in – and sometimes leaving - the northern wilderness. It's an album that speaks to anyone seeking meaning in an ever-changing world.

The band itself sounds like it has played together for decades, because for different songwriters and different types of music, it has. Back on the scene is lead singer/songwriter Jeff Wolosewich, whose deep bass vocals and engaging, unexpected lyrics transcend the mundane. On multi-layered bass and guitar that ranges from charged and searing to beautifully atmospheric is ubiquitous Yukon producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jordy Walker (Richard Reed Parry, Kepler). On drums and backing vocals, Tara Martin (Ladies of the Canyon, Maïa, Daniel Isaiah) adds understated and cucumber-cool beats and harmonic flare. The result is a band with a distinctly sweet, at times melancholic yet energetic indie rock sound that has matured beyond its years. 

There is a new sound emerging from the underground on the Canadian indie rock scene, and it's coming from the Yukon.


Contact: jeff@thedarkfruits.com

Website: thedarkfruits.com

Instagram: @thedarkfruits

Twitter: @thedarkfruits


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