Dynamic... I like this a lot. I would play every track on my show”

— Dave White, CBC


If the multitude of indie rock artists across Canada lived in the same house, The Dark Fruits would be in the root cellar, simmering. Born long ago, they are a band that hid in that cellar for years... for years from exposure and from themselves. It would’ve been easy to just stay in the shadows and crust over, overripe in the darkness of the underground. Except this band has chosen to come out… to play… to share… to connect. And what indie rock fans are about to discover is a debut marked by catchy, melodic songs that draws upon the nostalgia eras past, even as they twist toward new space and time. Think early Weezer meets The Kinks in an arcade. The Dark Fruits is a band that has been decades in the making. Deep beneath us. Hidden from the light of day. But that is about to change. 

The band's debut album, Authors of Affection, will be released on March 1, 2019. The first single and video, “I’ve Got Time For You,” is now available. A preview of the album's lead track "Stuck On You" was shot for Music Yukon/Yukon Film Society's 48 Hour Music Video Challenge, and it won the Audience Choice Award in September, 2018. More videos are being planned ahead of the album release, and fans can now hear lead single “I’ve Got Time For You” on all major digital platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. 

Not only are the songs unearthed from a collection of musical ideas shaped over decades, but the band itself sounds like it has played together for years, because for different songwriters and different types of music, it has. New to the scene is lead singer/songwriter Jeff Wolosewich, whose deep bass vocals and engaging, unexpected lyrics transcend the mundane. On multi-layered lead guitar/synth that ranges from charged and searing to beautifully atmospheric is ubiquitous Yukon producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jordy Walker (Richard Reed Parry, Kepler). On driving, melodic bass is Micah Smith (Kim Beggs, Gordie Tentrees). On spot-on drums, Patrick Docherty (Calla Kinglit, The Midnight Sons). The result is a brand new band with a distinctly sweet, at times melancholic yet energetic indie rock sound that has already matured beyond its years. 

There is a new tunnel emerging from the underground on the indie rock scene, and it goes deeper than you'd think.


Contact: jeff@thedarkfruits.com

Website: thedarkfruits.com

Instagram: @thedarkfruits

Twitter: @thedarkfruits


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