If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash”

— Leonard Cohen

"Hello friends, I'm nobody," a tongue-in-cheek quip in the song It's Alright, is perhaps the only way to introduce The Dark Fruits. Over a spunky guitar groove, melodic bass, and sparse, spot-on drums, the song acknowledges that it is a stranger to the music world. Indeed, some of the songs have been alive but hidden for over a decade. But that is about to change.

Most bands start playing together in a basement or garage, put together a few songs, and get playing live before recording an album. Not The Dark Fruits. When lead singer/songwriter Jeff Wolosewich approached Jordy Walker, the ubiquitous Yukon producer and multi-instrumentalist, they quickly added bassist Micah Smith and drummer Patrick Docherty, went straight to the studio, and came dangerously close to debuting with a double album before they even spoke about playing a live show.

The band would like to gratefully acknowledge the Yukon Government Sound Recording Grant for support with this project.

Words keep like canned peaches If they're good enough”

— Gord Downie