If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash”

— Leonard Cohen

The Dark Fruits are not your typical starry-eyed-youngster indie rock band. They may be starry-eyed, but their experiences and perspectives bring a unique depth to their music. Real people with real lives, they are bound by a love for making music that is authentically northern with a quirky, universal appeal. Their journey began later in life, and their music is the result of years of introspection, a longing for connection, and a dose of humour, too. 

Comprising of three members – Tara Martin (Ladies of the Canyon, Maïa, Daniel Isaiah), the rhythmic heartbeat on drums and back up vocals; Jordy Walker (Richard Reed Parry, Tanya Tagaq, Little Scream), the versatile maestro on guitars, bass, synth, and production; and emerging singer-songwriter, Jeff Wolosewich – they hail from the heart of Canada's northern wilderness, the Yukon. They're not rock stars; they're parents, professionals, and passionate musicians, trying to strike a harmonious balance between life's demands and their creative aspirations. 

While their first album earned them a showcase opportunity at Breakout West 2019 and the Audience Choice Award at the Yukon Film Society/Music Yukon's 24-hour Music Video Challenge for their video "Stuck on You," their focus has evolved. Their new music delves into the themes of connection, separation, and the unique experiences of living in – and sometimes leaving - the northern wilderness. It's an album that speaks to anyone seeking meaning in an ever-changing world.

Their second album, "Warm Weather Starter Pack," is arriving October 27, 2023.

Words keep like canned peaches If they're good enough”

— Gord Downie